We are a new company that is evolving every moment. The company esthetics of VDT is as follows:

Logical form like a blue print for a building. Simplicity and easy to follow.

The virtual tour industry is a new and constantly evolving one. Virtual Reality is a natural alliance with the online real estate shopping experience. Being a part of this continuous change and transformation is a key underpinning in every aspect of Virtual Design Tours development.

We develop every aspect of the V-Life experience with one constant theme at all times, how you the user experience it and that it be user-friendly.



Our vision is a little more bold. We see people interacting with our site to view properties and spaces as they are and using a collection of platforms we assemble being able to not only as they are but how they could be.

We are excited at the prospect of individuals trying their ideas of what a space could be using tools we provide. The thought of a realtor showing properties to their clients on a 4K TV monitor and allowing them to alter finishes and furnishings to see what can be gets our blood pumping.

This is a longer range goal but has been my dream since 2007. In the past ten years the technologies are moving quickly towards these possibilities.