Our company began its current iteration in February 2017. It is based in Myrtle Beach, SC. Virtual Design Tours came to be a natural evolution from our previous business Houstekk which provided realtors with 2D floor plans to be a JPG post in their photo galleries. Recent technological advances have democratized the way properties can be captured for digital presentation. With DSLR photography we now have the capability to provide an interactive 3D view of residential and commercial properties that were cost prohibitive merely a few years ago.

Along with the 3D virtual tour, the photo shoot provides a point cloud which is converted to a 2D floorplan with great accuracy of measurements. The third leg of this is drone capturing of the properties allowing a vista of the entire property and surrounding area. And of course still, photos are provided with glossy publication quality.


The company was founded by myself Edward H. Haghani and is a culmination of my childhood passion for Architecture. I wrote reports on Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra and enrolled at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study architecture. I was persuaded to study economics instead and work in the financial sector. I did decide to follow my passion in 2003 by buying mid century homes in California with a friend and having them renovated. This brought me full circle to deciding in 2007 to start a company to create floor plans for real estate websites. The original vision was to create interactive floor plans allowing users to be their own decorator.


We did create an ongoing company but the interactive part was constantly delayed. This complacency led to our company experiencing a major disruption. At that time I decided to create Virtual Design Tours to develop a convenient all in one virtual reality solution for real estate professionals. The goal of our site is to provide the following:

1: A 3D virtual tour

2: A 2D scaled floorplan

3: DSLR high quality still photos

4: The option to add a drone generated video of the property

Future goal is to add an interactive floorplan and 3D staging element allowing the end user to decorate a space with easy to use click and drag furnishings and finishes palettes. This we hope to develop in conjunction with others seeking to create a similar 3D shopping experience, for a subsequent iteration.


What makes us better than the competition ? Absolute passion to create an experience for the end user. We see the potential of VR and are striving to create a true transformation of the online real estate experience. This is not viewed as an add on to still photos, we are not adding this to a portfolio of services. This is our mission to provide the VDT experience only. We are burning the ships that brought us to this point and leave ourselves no retreat. Virtual Design Tours is all in !!

VDT website desires for current iteration is a basic site to allow us to market the Real.vision platform to both residential and commercial realtors. We will have numerous photographers and sales staff using and promoting the site and our company.